We partner with our clients to facilitate beyond boundary solutions by:

  • engaging diverse stakeholders
  • understanding root causes
  • collaborating across silos

Integrated methodologies:

CATALYTIC DIALOGUE is a group communication process that enables participants to speak and be heard while considering a broad range of perspectives.

The MOBIUS MODEL provides a roadmap as participants move through the stages of developing mutual understanding, recognizing common ground and choosing goals and values.

"SeaChange Resources has been an extraordinary asset to our organization. Kimberly Parrott possesses an outstanding ability to 'level the playing field' within groups of high-powered individuals while stimulating provocative discussion and maintaining focus on issues at hand. Through the creative, thoughtful design of our meetings, she has enabled us to not only identify the priorities that have contributed to the success of our mission, but most importantly to synthesize and develop actionable steps to help us reach our goals."  -M.F., President

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