Executive Coaching

"SeaChange Resources provides executive coaching that is insightful, crisp, direct and tuned into history."                                 -M.A., Coaching Client

Coaching is arguably the most cost effective way of bringing about significant behavioral change at both the individual and team level. Why? On our own, we have an 8% chance of achieving our goals. (Think New Year's resolutions.) But with the support of a coach, the likelihood of realizing our goals skyrockets to 85%. Coaching provides built-in goal clarification, assessment of the current reality, brainstorming of possibilities and accountability in moving forward.

Every executive coaching relationship is custom-designed. Coach and client are equal partners in addressing the client's needs. This may include any or all of the following: an introductory in-person meeting, inventories and assessments, interviews with the client's supervisor, peers and direct reports and then a series of in-person or phone sessions scheduled over a six to twelve month period.

"Kim is a gifted coach with the perfect combination of sharp insight, intelligence, heart and presence.  She is quickly able to hear and distill the essence of what I am often unable to see myself, and bring clarity to the next important steps for my work in the world, saving me a lot of time in the process."  -S.C., Coaching Client